This kid is a real inspiration for our generation! Some of you may remember John Boyega from the movie ‘Attack The Block’ and thought that would be his last film.. GUESS AGAIN!

John is the lead actor in the next instalment of Star Wars: The Force Awakens starring as Finn alongside a brand new cast & legendary characters such as Han Solo (Harrison Ford).

In the video below we discover 5 things about the 22 year old South Londoner that has helped him to achieve a huge level of success & personal achievement!

Massive Congrats To John!

Check out the trailer for the new STAR WARS movie below:


  1. I’m not being funny but this video is simply a laugh at black peoples expense! They are doing nothing but trying to highlight and emphasise that John Boyega came from a black area aka “the hood” where his friend/peers/other black people are either dead or still in the hood!

    Is anyone making a video with 5 facts about Daisy Ridley (his co-worker)? Here’s some I found:

    1. Daisy Ridley was born in Westminster, London (The nice part of London)
    2. She had a relative who was previously in the business as an actor and playwright of “Dad’s Army” Arnold Ridley.
    3. Did I forget to mention that she attended Tring Park School for the Performing Arts
    4. There is no mention of any support for her school fees so one can only assume that she came from an “OK” background!
    5. She is white!

    On the surface this looks great because it masked as an inspirations but really it’s just a story about another Black guy who was hard working, smart and different enough from his friends to make it out of the hood because after all {insert sarcasm here} that’s where all black people come from.

    Many people may think I’m blowing it out of proportion and that this is a great video because it just shows that when black guys are given an opportunity they have a real chance of {please insert sarcasm again} making it out of their natural habitat.
    Others may not see it but this video really bothers me!

    • AVIARD INSPIRES : October 21, 2015 at 5:20 pm

      Hey Eugene, thanks for commenting – we don’t think this is a black issue at all TBH!

      The reason we posted this is to show young people that it doesn’t matter where you start in life but if you focus on your goals and keep working hard the possibility of success is much more likely! Most of our viewers are inner city Londoners like John & probably grew up in similar environments and have faced similar situations, we just hope that this story resonates with them and inspires them to keep aiming high.

      Thanks for sharing your view though

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