AVIARD INSPIRES Wins Partnership Contract For Edmonton Youth Club!

It is our pleasure to publicly announce that we have partnered with Enfield Council to work alongside them to offer youth provisions at Unity Hub at Craig Park, Edmonton, N18 2HN.

The youth club was designed by young people and officially opened in 2013 after winning a £3.4 Million grant. However due to reductions in the youth service the hub has had to close the majority of it’s weekly youth provisions.

During and after Aviard Live 2016 we built a great relationship with the leaders of Enfield youth services and were able to be offered for this amazing opportunity. We will be running our Max Potential Programme alongside other activities provided by our hand-picked partners incl. Music Workshops, Inclusive Football Courses and Self-Defence Classes

Upper & Lower Edmonton is very dear to the heart’s of our team so it’s a really big blessing to be able to sow some positive seeds back into the area! If you would like to collaborate as a partner or volunteer some of time to support us please GET IN TOUCH and one of our team will reply shortly

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