The app is called Y-Stop and was created by campaigners Release and StopWatch.

StopWatch was formed in 2010 and they teach youngsters about “effective, accountable and fair policing” The coalition also helps young people to “interact with the police in as safe a manner as possible” while “equipping them with the skills and knowledge to handle situations where they are stopped and searched.

The app will allow people stopped and searched by police to record them and instantly send the footage to lawyers by shaking their phone. StopWatch say the app will “make the police responsible for their actions” and “improve interactions between the public and officers

Below is a demonstration of how the Y-Stop app works:

The group decided to make the app after a recent visit to California where they met members of the Black Lives Matter movement. Shaun Hall, the brother of Mark Duggan, who was killed by police in 2011, attended the trip to California said the app was “brilliant”.

He added: “I’ve heard instances where the police have been filmed; they actually go and take the phone and maybe even damage the phone or delete what’s been filmed. “As soon as you press send it is gone.”

The US version of the app, created by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), has been downloaded 170,000 times since it was launched in June. Meredith Curtis, from the Maryland branch of ACLU, explained why the app has worked so well.

“We have had cases in the past where police have seized people’s phones and wiped the recordings, this stops that from happening. “The ACLU stores the videos and our app also prompts you to complete a witness report that can be viewed by our lawyers. “We have hundreds of activists and concerned citizens wanting to get hold of the app, so they can use it to hold the police accountable.”

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