Our Lockdown Campaign

Watch our founder, Amani Simpson on Channel 5 news speaking about our campaign

“Our Voice, Our Truth, #OurLockdown”

We compiled a series of special videos that amplified the voices of young people (aged 6-21) during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our videos were shared on social media and featured role models & celebrities who gave an insight into their lockdown experience while sharing words of encouragement.

Young people chose to answer one of following questions:
1) ONE thing that made you smile during lockdown
2) ONE thing that you won’t take for granted after lockdown
3) ONE thing that you’ll do differently after lockdown
4) ONE thing that you’ve had to overcome during lockdown
5) ONE thing that you’ve learned about yourself during lockdown
6) ONE thing you want our leaders to consider when planning for the future
7) ONE thing that you hope will change in the world after lockdown

Watch all the videos in the playlist below:

Video 1

Featuring: Kevin Duala, Shiloh Remy, Inspiring Vanessa & Nush Cope

Video 2

Featuring: Omari Mcqueen, Tamara Smart, Femi Oyeniran & Aker Okoye

Video 3

Featuring: Keiyon Cook, Ms DSF (Dorcus Shola Fapson), Dr Leanne Armitage and Tarriq

Video 4

Featuring: Isabelle Weall (Izz), Joivan Wade, Tai Golding & Jacqueline Gomes-Neves

Video 5

Featuring: Lil Shan Shan, Kojo Anim (Comedian) and Dr Perin Celebi

Video 6

Featuring: Rudolph Walker, Keira Nicole, Adebayo Akinfenwa & DJ Zel

Video 7

Featuring: Desiree Henry OLY, Reggie Nelson, Bryony Moss, Shanea Kerry

Video 8

Featuring: Monife, Aaron Roach Bridgeman & Ella Robertson (One Young World)

Video 9

Featuring: Simona Zivkovska (from MARVEL’s Black Widow) & JAYO

Video 10

Featuring: Mark Maciver, Jourdan Riane & Victor Sosanya

Video 11

Featuring: Action Jackson, Zovy, Isaac Codjoe, Myla-Rae Hutchingson-Dunwell & Dean Mukeza

Video 12

Featuring: Percelle Ascott, Shelby Monroe, Keah Lily and Elijah & Josiah

Video 13

Featuring: Ellis Witter, Abbianca Makoni, Jay Blades & some inspiring young people

Video 14

Featuring: Princess K, Jordan Harry and some inspiring young people

Video 15

Featuring: Amani Simpson, Jermain Jackman, Sabah Kenway, Sayce Holmes-Lewis