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SAVE ME is a social impact short film following two teenagers, connected through trauma, who embark on a mini cab journey in search of freedom.
Written and directed by award-winning Youth Coach, Filmmaker and Campaigner Amani Simpson, producer of the acclaimed ‘AMANI’ short film (now with over 4 million Youtube views) and starring A Smxlls (Popular YouTuber and TikToker) and rapper Lightz (Nines’ Crop Circle film). This is also Amani’s writer/director debut and was co-created with young people from Enfield, some of whom also feature in the film.

SAVE ME has a heart-wrenching call to action for the audience to join forces to address the national emergency facing many of our young people. It covers the themes of grooming, child criminal exploitation, and extra familiar harm. It also has a call to action for more peer and community active bystanders. It was commissioned in 2020 by Enfield Council and supported by the VRU’s Operation Engage (Enfield & Haringey).

Yes it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to raise a generation

Our film is being used nationally as a training tool in schools, professional and community settings to help educate and empower viewers. Our team will be running workshops for young people and training for professionals and key stakeholders on how to use our digital resources and additional content.


“Really eye opening for people who have no idea what goes on and who probably blame the young ones without this knowledge.. a must see for everyone”


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“All teaching staff were really impressed with the way Amani balanced his message (quite a scary one for Year 5/6) with humour yet keeping the underlying message strong...”


Jackie - DSL at Churchfield Primary

“I've just watched this at work and cried, my breath was taken away! So powerful and looking forward to using with the children we work with. Thank you. A brilliant piece of work”


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In addition to the film, there is a digital handbook and extra content that can be used to enhance the learning around the key themes such as grooming, child criminal exploitation, intimidation, and control and many more.
Below is a playlist of content that accompanies the SAVE ME short film: