Videos From Season 2

Highlights from 2016


Jade Benjamin

Introducing Jade, this very talented young singer from East London. Jade’s powerful voice will definately hold it’s own at the final showcase!

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A young talented singer from Hackney, I’m not your average girl I’m different. I’m all about positivity and I am trying to put that in my music whist telling my story at the same time. So vybz with me!

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I’ve been singing my whole life and I started to write properly about to years ago, I’ve studied at the British academy of new music. I’ve also been lucky enough to have one of my songs in the top 10 of the UK young songwriter competition which judges included Tom O’dell and Naughty Boy. My influences are people like Drake, Beyoncé, And Missy Elliot

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Rochelle Williams

My name is Rochelle Williams, I’ve been singing since I was around 8/9 years old. I currently a study music practice and performance BTEC course at college. My plans for the future are to continue writing music, recording and releasing music out onto the Internet and to try and build a platform for myself through social media. I hope to inspire others through my music

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Hey my name’s Kane aka K1 and I am a hip hop dancer from East London. I have been dancing for 3 years but right now my dedication is to share my passion with the audience and young dancers who are on the same path!

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Tehya Murray

Tehya brings her amazing contemporary dancing skills to Aviard Live and will definately mesmerise the crowd with her choreography & passion

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Natalie Kaitano

Natalie’s energy is CRAZY & her smile is infectious! Keep an eye out for this talented young lady

Symmetrical Twinz

We are both teenage girls that love what we do and that is to dance. Follow us on our trip to success


Kendrick Fordjour

I’m a spoken word artist from south London where I get most of my inspiration for my pieces, that are based on my experiences. Music is something I’ve been passionate about so I use that to help communicate those stories.

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The reason I first started rapping was because I loved the feeling good music gave me, It was like I couldn’t stop dancing lol. Overtime my lyrics got better & I started taking being an artist more seriously because music money can pay the bills & I love creating new songs! I also love seeing people dancing & enjoying them self because they love my music.

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Hood Hippies

Up n coming due “Hood Hippies” from H-Town (Hackney) bring a diverse sound and fresh vibe to the urban music scene.

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Paradox is the definition of a street poet. His content and flows accurately paint a picture of his surroundings and his aspirations – Very Special!

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