About Us

What Does Aviard Mean?

AVIARD is a compound of two words:

AVI is short for Aviation = “The Operation Of Heavier-Than-Air Aircraft – Merriam-Webster

ARD is short for Hard = “Solid, Firm And Resistant To Pressure” – Merriam-Webster


We interpreted ‘Heavier-Than-Air Aircraft‘ as a metaphor for us Human beings. This is because similar to an aircraft it is impossible for us to rise without the correct fuel, engineering or destination.


We know from experience that, as teenagers transitioning into adulthood, you can bombarded with negative influences and situations that can halt your progress and break your spirit.


Therefore by developing an ‘Aviard Mindset’ you are able to engineer yourself to become resistant to pressure and continually find solutions to life’s obstacles; allowing you to keep Flying Hardtowards success!

Our Vision

AVIARD INSPIRES CIC is a media and events organisation specialising in the personal development of young adults. We exist to EMPOWER & ENTERTAIN ambitious Young Adults!

We aim to fuel positive ambition by introducing our audience to opportunities and experiences that will inspire them to take their lives to the next level!

Our Mission

As a faith-led organisation, we strongly believe that our divine purpose is to spread love, light and positive energy throughout the world. We strive to be a living representation of our belief system while being proactive to co-exist and collaborate with others. By pledging to this we intend to cultivate a spirit of unity, empathy and tolerance both inside and outside of our organisation!

Although we feel that our mission is one that will never end, a clear achievement would be the quantifiable increase of young people becoming influencers that challenge the mediocrity of our generation and contribute positively to society.

Our Values

After studying the experiences and wisdom of many successful figures, we believe that happiness and sustained results can be earned through self-discipline, habitual choices and a foundation of belief. Therefore we want to share these gems that have helped countless others sustain positive mental attitudes and achieve amazing things in their lives!

As a community organisation we take responsibility to positively impact the communities of our nation. We will do this by building great relationships with other organisations and individuals that share our vision for young people. Through these partnerships we will persistently inspire young people to make positive lifestyle choices that will enable them to become responsible adults for their own families and communities.

If you would like to get in touch please feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page.


  • Since our daughter Maddie first auditioned with Aviard and attended follow up development sessions concluding in singing at the community showcase which was brilliant, her confidence has rocketed through the roof. Aviard's mission to enable young people access to opportunities they would not normally be able to have is amazing and the work they do is priceless. Our Daughter has benefited immensely from the inspiration and guidance Aviard has provided her with. 10 out of 10 all the way! Thank you Aviard!

    Lisa Giller
    Lisa Giller
    Mother Of Aviard Live 2015 Participant Maddie Giller
  • One word AMAZING! As a Performance coach I was invited down to speak at 'Aviard Live’ to talk around leadership and Mind-Set. I couldn't believe the standard of the performances, the energy and the passion. I come away from the event more inspired than anyone else. It even inspired my Fiancé’ to start dancing again! Aviard provided the perfect platform for young people from all different backgrounds to showcase their talent and it was a delight to be apart of. I honestly can not wait for the next one. It has been a pleasure working along side Amani and being apart of his vision to provide a better pathway for young people to succeed.

    Luke Georgiou
    Luke Georgiou
    Success Coach
  • I was really inspired by how solid all the Aviard Staff were at the final show!

    The Animated Poet
    The Animated Poet
    Aviard Live 2015 Community Showcase Participant
  • The National Citizen Service (NCS) has worked with Aviard Inspires across 3 boroughs, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey. Aviard Inspires founder Amani Simpson met with all 3 teams each with 13 young people and informed them of Aviard's mission, he also planned 3 volunteer days with each team and inspired them to fundraise. Each team responded well to Amani, his positive outlook and ambitious goals. In Haringey, one young person commented she did not know that organisations like this existed in Haringey and was motivated to get involved in youth projects outside of school in future!

    Ally Stenson
    Ally Stenson
    Asst. Programme Manager @ NCS / The Challenge
  • I'd just like to thank everyone at Aviard for the experience. I learnt a lot in such a short space of time. Not only did I benefit mentally (from winning) but also financially; I was able to fund the music videos for my next two singles! No matter what the outcome was it was always a Win-Win situation.

    Aviard Live 2015 - Winner

AVIARD INSPIRES is a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales with registration number 9427537

We are located at UNITY HUB @ CRAIG PARK, N18 2EY