You’ve Got This Campaign

After the success of our youth led #OurLockdown, we teamed up with Million Youth Media (Fully Focused) and The Mayor Of London to produce a motivational awareness video called “You’ve Got This”.
Our founder, Amani Simpson went to MYM with the idea of making a short film to celebrate achievement, growth, and resilience. He got the backing of the Mayor of London and we all went to work!

In less than 3 weeks, 16 young people came together to produce this inspiring short film. They came together via Zoom to shared their experience and insights. This empowered spoken word poet, Shaniqua Benjamin to masterfully craft the powerful words we hear throughout the piece.

The idea for “You’ve Got This” came from the success of our recent #OurLockdown campaign that I ran between May and July 2020. Both campaigns have the sole mission of trying to reinstall a feeling of hope in the hearts and minds of young people during these uncertain times.

Amani Simpson Founder & C.V.O (Chief Visionary Officer)

Our video was featured on the Olympic stadium!

You can hear the excitement and pride in young Isaiah’s voice ?

Amani and the team would like to thank everyone who played a part in creating this project. Whether you featured in the #OurLockdown campaign, shared one of our videos or gave a word of advice that helped up get to this point!
We will pay your kindness forward and hope this project inspires the creation of more youth-led campaigns!
If you would like more details about this or other AVIARD projects:
Image courtesy of Domizia Salusest