Audition Tips

Audition Tips

To Be Eligible For The AVIARD LIVE You Must:

  • Be Aged Between 14-19
  • If Under 16 You Must Be Accompanied By Someone Over The Age Of 18 If Chosen To Audition
  • Have Parental Consent To Register To Audition (Proof Will Be Requested)
  • You Must Also Be Available For Sunday 25th November 2018 During The August Summer Holidays (Dates will be confirmed later)


Before You Arrive: It is a great idea to practise your performance in front of honest family and friends who will give you any constructive feedback you need to improve before the audition. Also please make sure you have eaten beforehand & have enough water with you if you get thirsty as the waiting times can be lengthy.

Music Requirements: Music must only be brought in the following formats:

CD, MP3 Or Played From Your Phone Via Aux


If the piece that you want to perform is too hard or a part of it is very difficult you should edit that part out, redo it or find something different to perform. Once you’re confident with what it is you want to do you need to practice, practice, practice – then go and practice some more in order to make sure that the piece you have chosen will come naturally to you.


Please arrive on time for your audition slot or better yet come early so you are ready for when it’s your time to be seen. Each act is given up to 10 mins to showcase their talent & answer the judges questions however some acts may take longer or even finish earlier.


Whether you are performing a dance routine, comedy act, singing or rapping please choose the correct song or piece of content that relates to your personality this will help to highlights your talent.

It is also a good idea to prepare a few extra pieces incase you are asked to show the judges more!

For Singers: Please choose songs that show off your vocal range (Covers & original material is fine).

For Dancers & Crews: Please choose routines that show off your abilities & skills. Also the audition room may not have enough space for extravagant flips or spins so please bear this in mind if this is included in your routine.

For Comedians: Please create a stand up routine between 3-5 minutes in length. Try to make the material relatable to your audience and personal experiences.

For Rappers: Please perform songs that give us an insight into your life & aspirations. Songs must cut out any swearing & cannot include any derogatory words or themes (Original songs will be preferred over song covers).


If you make a mistake try your best to act like nothing happened; chances are no one else will suspect a thing and will therefore only notice a mistake if you react badly to it & panic. If however you make an obvious mistake just ask to start again – we want to see you do you best so most requests will not be refused by the judges!