EXCLUSIVE: Ghetts & P Money Share Their Secrets To Music Success!

WHAT AN HONOUR! At last year’s Grime Live event we were given the opportunity to sit down with two absolute grime legends, Ghetts & P Money!

In each video below we were able to ask the MC’s for some real gems of wisdom for all you aspiring musicians.

Take out your notepads & make some notes; because CLASS IS IN SESSION!

Ghetts’ 5 Key Tips:

  1. Learn to enjoy your craft
  2. The music industry isn’t an easy place to be. If you really want this you need to push through the tough times
  3. “Wake up & make things happen for yourself”
  4. Leave the old you in the past. Focus on the person you want to be
  5. Count your blessings and trust the process

P Money’s 5 Key Tips:

  1. Have fun with your music – don’t be easily offended!
  2. Keep releasing content and collaborate – be consistent
  3. Focus on your own journey
  4. Be ready for the grind
  5. Use the internet!


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