GREAT VIDEO: Social Experiment To See If TWO STRANGERS Can Put Their Differences Aside & Unify!

Heineken presents ‘Worlds Apart’ An Experiment.
Can two strangers with opposing views prove that there’s more that unites than divides us? #OpenYourWorld

In partnership with The Human Library, a worldwide movement for social change, two strangers are invited to complete tasks together such as building a wooden stool and a model bridge. After describing themselves using just five words, they are then asked what qualities they share, in an attempt to prove that ‘there’s more that unites us than divides us.’

A film of each individual is then shown, in which they express their opposing views on topics such as feminism, climate change and people who are transgender. They can either leave, or sit down and discuss their views over a bottle of Heineken.

According to Heineken, the new campaign aims to ‘promote openness as a value that helps break down the barriers between us.’ Head of marketing at Heinkein UK, Cindy Tervoot, commented: “We know we’re never going to agree on everything but there will also be common ground.” “Whether it’s 1950, 2017 or 2027, being open lets us get more out of life. It makes the world a more interesting place. And it makes every story worth listening to”.

Very Thought Provoking Campaign!

Always Drink Responsibly (Once you’re of age!)

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