The important Question

Young People often ask the question “what do I need to do to make more money, be famous or start a business?

These are often the wrong the questions. The more important one is “WHY do I want to make more money?” The how-to bit is secondary to why-to.

In this video you will see how Buster Douglas (Ex heavy-weight boxer) knocked out the legendary Mike Tyson when no one gave him a chance of winning.

Most peoples ‘why’ does not align with their values and beliefs. For example, you start your own business because you believe your have more freedom working for yourself (fair enough) but you work 60 hour weeks, never see your family and are miserable. You will never achieve your potential if what you are doing goes against your belief system!

Your why is the fuel to your fire. If you’re ‘why’ is week the flames will burn out.

Your WHY is what inspires others

Your WHY is what gets you out of your covers

 Your WHY is what gets you up a 5am

Your WHY is what makes you go again

 Your WHY is what makes you look crazy

Your WHY is what makes your friends look lazy


Your WHY is why you breathe

Your WHY is why you achieve


What’s your WHY?

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