Earlier this week, Skeppy released a track from his long (lonnnnnnng) awaited album ‘Konnichiwa’. And today, he sat down with Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show to talk Brits, OVO and of course, what we can expect from his album.

Check the full interview below:

THAT Pharrell feature…
Revealing that Pharrell features on his album, Skepta had to say, “Pharrell’s blessed me – it’s sick to have him on there, his sound is so different.” He added “In this music industry and in the game the difference with artists you get some people who really love music and some do this for money or fame. Pharrell loves music…I know that whatever financial sustain he’s in it won’t change his music will always be sick.” 

His opinion on The Brit Awards lack of diversity…
After a very controversial Brits Awards this year, Skepta was not one to shy away from speaking out; “I’ll just make sure if you ever ask about a London rapper they have to tell you Skepta. I will keep going hard and doing greatness until the Brits can’t deny the greatness.” 

With the pressure growing as a Worldwide recognised artist, he added, “I knew I had an obligation to represent the country when I did this album. Not just like different MCs but sonically  how it sounds I know what is on my back with this album. I’ve got every element from London that is needed to make this album what it is.” He also mentioned that he would never announce an album release again as social media has been crazy. 

Skepta is working on Top Boy with Drake and Ashley Walters…
Of course the subject of OVO and BBK came up, although Skepta didn’t divulge as to whether Drake was signed to BBK“We wanna do bigger things than just our crew. Even with the Top Boy series and Ashley Walters. Them two have been working closely and I’ve been making sure on the creative direction wave with Drake about the series just making greatness with it. The whole style whats going on in London, the sound. Everything about it is real, its an actual thing that actually happened and it deserves to be on the turner.”

A Drake feature on the album?
Speaking about if Drake would be featured on Konnichiwa, Skepta confirmed that he is not, but teased that he may feature on Drake’s pending album release ‘Views From the 6’.

His mum will be writing a book…
Skepta will always remain a family man, “You are always gonna be your parent’s children. We were brought up in an African way, in a strict way.” And his next move is evident of this; he’s currently looking for a publisher to help his mum publish a book. 

Source: GRM Daily

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